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  • Templar Rock


    Introducing our newest, and perhaps our most ambitious coin, yet. The Templar Rock. It is 1.75″ tall, with a mixture of gold, and silver toned base metals, and hard enamels.  Both sides are done in 3D, for an amazing level of detail.  On the face,  a Knight, kneeling in prayer with three crosses standing upon a rock, with the sun…



  • Two Riders Coin


    This coin was inspired by hours of looking at all things Templar, into the wee hours of the morning.  We saw the old coins, Roman, Greek, etc., and liked the look of the old-school, stamped coins.  So, we set off to make our own! The Two-Riders is not specific to Masonry, but it is to the ancient Templars.  Surrounding it,…

  • Widows Sons – Golden Wings


    We’ve taken the familiar logo, and spruced it up, a bit.  This pin has a 3″ wingspan, with the height of the pyramid at 1″. We opted to use “blocks” to form the pyramid, rather than the crackled finish on many out there.  This pin is in 3D relief, using soft enamel to help make the elements within the pyramid…


A complete listing of our unique lapel pins, broken down into categories, to make it easier to navigate, as we grow!


Our collection of coins is expanding.  From Challenge coins to Commemoratives, you are sure to find one here that begs to be part of your collection!


This section contains all of our tie bars, and chains.  Whether you want something for the York Rite meetings, or simply something for Blue Lodge, we have you covered.


This collection includes many that you may want to show to a prospective member, your family, or just enjoy, yourself.


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