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    • The Relic


      The best way to describe this might be…primal. The roots for its inspiration is, indeed, a video game – but the similarity stops there. We’ve modified this to include our familiar square, and make it appear more like an ancient, carved relic. It is attached to a black, leather cord. We utilized the “surfer-style” knotting to make it adjustable. We’ve…

    • First Step


      The object of this product was to have something that lodges could give to fresh EAs that might remind them of their experience. With that in mind, we created a medallion, which may be carried as a coin, or attached to a keychain, or hung from a necklace. Our logo, on the back, is further reminder of this first step…

    • The Relic 2


      Larger than “The Relic”, this one measures 2″ tall, and sports an antiqued silver finish. It is twice as thick – and heavier.

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