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    • Robert Burns – Lapel Pin


      This is the lapel pin version of the Robert Burns Kilt Pin. It is a 1″ pin, finished in polished silver.  It will add a degree of elegance to your tuxedo at the next Robert Burns Birthday Bash!   Our thanks to JP Cole Studios for the use of their Past Master Jewel artwork, in the creation of this project.…

    • Eagle and Stars


      This “Presidential-looking” pin is our re-entry into the Scottish Rite category. We were asked by the Dallas Scottish Rite Store to develop something which they could offer that was new and exciting.  We jumped at the challenge and now have this design, in addition to one for the KCCH. These pins will be available, both here, and in their store. …

    • Cross and Stars


      This is the KCCH version of the “Eagle and Stars”, for all the Red Hats!  You’ve been acknowledged for the work you’ve done so, wear this distinctive pin, which tells the world that you have demonstrated, loyalty and leadership. We hope you like it!

    • Robert Burns – Kilt Pin


      This, our first Kilt Pin, is dedicated to an ancestor of this store’s owner.   Robert Burns, known as  The Bard of Scotland, is celebrated every year with a birthday banquet which includes Hagis – and a wee bit of Scotch to wash it down. We are extremely proud of this pin.  It is 3 1/2″ long, with an antiqued…

    • Albert Pike Commemorative Coin


      Based on our already popular 32nd Degree Pin, this coin is 2″ in diameter, and includes a relief image of Albert Pike, along with his famous quote: “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” We’re sure you will enjoy displaying this in the velvet…

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