Flaming Skull

Flaming Skull


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This one is a bit dark, as it parodies a well-known anti-hero.  The chain is in 3D, while the enameled flames lick all around it, and the hard-enameled skull.

If you are a fan of this comic book favorite, then you are SURE to appreciate our interpretation.

The Square and Compasses are subtly included in black-on-grey, and partially obscured by the flaming centerpiece.  If you’re into symbolism, you can mull over what it all means.  If you aren’t, just enjoy the art, and be prepared for people to tell you how AWESOME it looks!

REMEMBER to select the type of backing you want.  The deluxe clutch is what we use on all our pins.  The screwback is designed to attach the pin to a leather vest or coat.


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