Commemorative Coins
  • Indian Degree Commemorative Coin


    This much-anticipated addition to our collection is painstakingly done in beautiful 3D relief, utilizing combinations of hard and soft enamels to provide a depth of field which makes the coin come alive! We hope you enjoy displaying it, as much as we had designing it! If you get the chance to watch the degree they put on, it is a…

  • Masonic Christmas Ornament


    Freemasonry is not a religious organization, nor do we espouse a specific deity – but this is about Christmas, and for those who celebrate this festive occasion, we have provided an ornament. This 3″, Limited Edition ornament is finished in polished gold tones, and features 12 enamel colors in a festive blend to delight the eyes. Get yours, today!  Only…

  • The Alamo Commemorative Coin

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    We are proud to announce our first commemorative coin, and what better way to start than with the anniversary of The Alamo. “Texas is emphatically a Masonic Country:  Our national emblem, the ‘Lone Star’, was chosen from among the emblems selected by Freemasonry, to illustrate the moral virtues — it is a five-pointed star, and alludes to the five points…

  • Tun Tavern Coin


    Brothers, As a Marine and a Mason I found the connection between the two to be a wonderful coincidence! The first lodge in the US located above the Tavern where our beloved Corps was founded. Look on the net…all the images of Tun Tavern are without much definition. Ours is different. We purchased a detailed sculpture, which the artists photographed…

  • Victorian Pocket Watch (Coin)

    $59.99 $19.99

    CLEARANCE SALE ! This piece of art measures 2.5″ across, and is a coin, made to look like a Victorian Pocket Watch. It has only one moving part, that being the loop at the top where is affixed a 13″ chain. The gears are sculpted, then sealed with clear epoxy. The back has a generous area for inscriptions. at the…

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