Freemasonry enjoys a long and distinguished history, the beginnings of which are argued throughout our membership. It is safe to say that it is the largest and oldest of the Fraternal Organizations and carries with it a measure of real responsibility.

All of us in Freemasonry are familiar with the adage, “To be one, ask one.” This assumes that somehow we may be identified. I personally worked with a brother for over twenty years without knowing him to be a member. Had I known, I might have asked the question a long time ago.

If we hide our light, how is anyone to know whom to ask? While there is much to be said for maintaining a measure of the mystique which surrounds Freemasonry, concealing our existence serves no purpose and actually detracts from our stated desire to grow our ranks. We do not conceal the identifying marks from our Lodges and Temples, but by not designating ourselves as a Temple we miss the opportunity to entertain questions from those who wish to know us better or join our ranks.

Upon The Point is a provider of uniquely elegant, custom made, Masonic jewelry and Challenge Coins. Our designs are intended to tastefully let the world know that you proudly belong to the world’s largest Fraternal Organization. You will not find our designs anywhere else. We maintain our exclusivity in order to protect the value and quality of our collection.

If you have a suggestion for a new design, our artists are always interested in new inspiration.

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