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York Rite Collection

York Rite

Past Master Collection

Past Master


Love this company. They have everything a man could dream of. From showing your nerdy side, military side, traditional side, and more. They have a little but for everyone. I have numerous pins from them. I recently bought a tie chain from them that will turn any pin into a tie chain. Great company, great people. Can't wait to see what they come out with next.

Kyle Stowers

Always a great experience. Love the artistry of the products. It is great to have a modern twist on designs, alongside more traditional products as well.

Chris Potts

Discovered Upon the Point at Masonic Con 2017. Was happy to see some of the unique products, especially the Star Trek communicator badge and "The Relic", now I can sport pride in masonry and my geek side

Joshua Manfredo

Glad to see your signage yesterday inside the Grand Lodge of Texas! Purchased some wonderful products especially the Blue Lodge Communicator Badge! Awesome!

Marc Barsales